Oleg Bulldog Saxophone Stand for alto tenor soprano flute and clarinet

Ingenious Design

The Oleg brand is famous for offering innovative solutions to new and age-old musical challenges. From the ultra-lightweight, ultra-compact, multi-purpose Bulldog Sax Stand to the reverberatingly powerful Olegature Ligature, you can always expect to find the latest, most cutting-edge accessory designs at Oleg Products.

Optimized Acoustics

Optimized Acoustics

Each saxophone, flute, mouthpiece, neck, and headjoint is specially fine-tuned to perfection using Oleg Optimized Acoustics Technology. Our one-of-a-kind tuning method is performed by the most highly-skilled, perfect-pitch acoustic technicians and approved by famous musicians around the world.

Finest Quality

Highest Quality

All Oleg instruments and accessories are made with the finest materials and the most extreme attention to detail—perfection you can see, feel, and hear. The pristine quality of our product line is a direct reflection of the acoustic, ergonomic, and overall power each item has to offer.


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Oleg Brand instruments and innovative music accessories have been treasured by top professionals across the globe for decades. Contact us to locate a dealer in or nearest your home country.

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Our Los Angeles based office offers the highest quality woodwind instrument repairs and overhauls in the world. Not in LA? No problem. Contact us to arrange your mail-in repair.

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We are committed to musical excellence and customer satisfaction. Oleg Products guarantees you the highest quality equipment, care, and service.