Oleg Flute Enhancers

 About Oleg Flute Enhancers

Keep your old flute feeling new with Oleg Professional Flute Enhancers. These key enhancers transform the ergonomics and functionality of both vintage and contemporary instruments, creating the optimal action and most comfortable feel. Made to correct the traditional flute key problems, you can always find an enhancer specifically designed for your instrument's needs. Each enhancer is elegantly hand-refined and made with jewelry-quality craftsmanship. With Oleg Flute Enhancers, you never have to feel limited by the design flaws of your instrument.

Enhancer Features

  • Allows you to play difficult fingerings much faster and more easily
  • Eliminates hand and wrist strain by enhancing key ergonomics
  • Creates new possibilities by adding new functions such as single-touch Low B
  • Easy clip-on or screw-on attachment with mini wrench kit (included). No technical knowledge needed.
  • No welding or gluing needed. No damage or permanent alteration to instrument. Allows for easy, immediate removal whenever needed.
  • Available in solid sterling silver. Custom finishes available for special orders

Oleg Flute Enhancers G Sharp Extension Key

G# Key Extension

#440- Creates a more ergonomic reach and increases ease of playing

Oleg Flute Enhancers C Sharp Trill EnhancerC# Trill Enhancer

#442- Adds previously impossible trilling from Low C# to C, B, and Eb

Oleg Flute Enhancers Clip On Gizmo KeyClip-On Gizmo Key

#444- Adds mordern Gizmo Key function to the B Foot joints on flutes that were built without a gizmo key.

Oleg Flute Enhancers Solo Touch B Roller Replacement

Solo Touch B

#445- Enables one-key touch Low B in fast passages. Mounts on right side of Eb
#448- Enables one-key touch Low B in fast passages. Replaces low B key roller

Oleg Flute Enhancers Short Reach Solo Touch B

Short-Reach Solo Touch B

Solo Touch B for players with small hands

#447- Mounts on right side of Eb
#446- Mounts on left side of Eb