Oleg Flute Headjoint

 About the Oleg Double-Parabola Flute Headjoint

Discover the world's most free-blowing flute headjoint! The groundbreaking Oleg Double Parabola Flute Headjoint eliminates typical tuning and response problems in the upper and lower registers and creates amazing ease of playing through the entire instrument. It provides an incredible gain in response, tonal complexity, and dynamic vigor, characteristic of the Oleg Optimized Acoustics Method.

Celebrated by leading flute professionals around the world, you won't find another headjoint so masterfully constructed and with such rich sound. Each headjoint comes in a beautiful hand-polished rosewood box with soft velvet lining.

Headjoint Options

  • #400S- Solid Sterling Silver
  • #400G- Solid 24K Gold

Oleg Double Parabola Flute Headjoint Gold in Case