Oleg Saxophone Necks

About Oleg Saxophone Necks

Oleg Custom Saxophone Necks utilize more than 20 years of acoustical research and personal hands-on experience of custom woodwind sound design for the world’s most prominent saxophonists. The custom Saxophone necks are loved for their superior woodwind pitch definition, evenness through all registers, immediate response on all dynamic levels, and powerful rich, resonant tone.

Oleg Sax Necks are specially designed to accommodate the discriminating needs of jazz and classical woodwind players and are offered in different finishes that enhance subtleties in woodwind sound perception.

Saxophone Necks are available in gold, black- nickel or silver plated finishes and are acoustically compatible with most contemporary and vintage saxophone brands. Custom tenon fitting may be required for some makes and models. Other custom made woodwind accessories are available in our catalog.

NEW Revolutionary Curved Baritone Neck

Oleg Products is proud to present the NEW Revolutionary Oleg Curved Baritone Neck. This is the world's only Ergonomically-designed baritone neck, built to minimize neck and wrist strain. Our patented design raises the instrument up three inches, allowing the musician to play the baritone like a tenor saxophone with more natural posture and hand position. Additionally, the Oleg Curved Baritone Neck improves intonation and response evenly across all registers, producing a rich and powerful resonant sound.

Oleg Alto Saxophone Necks

  • 311G: Gold Plated Alto Saxophone Neck
  • 311S: Silver Plated Alto Saxophone Neck
  • 311B: Black Nickel Plated Alto Saxophone Neck

Oleg Tenor Saxophone Necks

  • 312G: Gold Plated Tenor Saxophone Neck
  • 312S: Silver Plated Tenor Saxophone Neck
  • 312B: Black Nickel Plated Tenor Saxophone Neck

Oleg Baritone Saxophone Necks

  • 317G: Gold Plated Baritone Saxophone Neck
  • 317S: Silver Plated Baritone Saxophone Neck
  • 317B: Black Nickel Plated Baritone Saxophone Neck