Oleg Professional Flutes, Headjoints and Enhancers

Oleg Double Parabola Flutes and Headjoints represent major advancement in flute acoustics. Great immediate results in a fraction of practice time.

Low Bb Lever Link


Low Bb Lever Link LBLL

Oleg Saxophone Enhancers improve the ergonomics and ease of playing for most professional vintage and contemporary saxophones. These jewelry-quality enhancers are easily clipped on or attached with screws and wrench (included).

The newly redesigned Low Bb Lever Link Assembly (2-piece assembly) makes pinky-finger transitions on the left hand smooth and easy. It eliminates the awkward Bb jump and perfects hand ergonomics.

Model #108: Selmer SBA, Balanced Action Alto, Tenor, Baritone
Model #120 - King Super 20 Alto, Tenor

$200 In stock
Enhancer Finish Gold Finish (no additional cost) (0) White Rhodium (30) Antique Brass (30) Solid Sterling Silver (130)
Low Bb Lever Link Type Model #108 - Selmer SBA, BA Alto Tenor, Baritone (0) Model #120 - King Super 20 Alto, Tenor (0)