Oleg Saxophone Mouthpieces

Oleg saxophone mouthpieces are especially designed for the discriminating musician who demands evenness of tone, quick response, a full dynamic range and quality craftsmanship.

Most sax mouthpieces have a narrow “sweet spot” which doesn’t allow much tonal flexibility and dynamic range, especially in the high register. Oleg sax mouthpieces are designed to play in tune with a full resonant tone while accommodating the wide range of different embouchures. These sax mouthpieces are immediately comfortable and require virtually no break-in time.

New : Oleg Contempo Vector Alto Sax Mouthpiece

We are introducing a new addition to the Oleg line of saxophone mouthpieces: the Contempo Vector metal alto mouthpiece. This newborn alto piece lives up to its Vector name with powerful, direct, yet easy controlled sound projection. At the same time, it maintains an Oleg legendary sound response and superb pitch stability and definition. While sustaining all of the advanced features of the Oleg design concept, the Contempo Vector alto mouthpiece adds a little more zing to the sound so much coveted by the contemporary smooth jazz artists.

The Contempo Vector is available in high luster and matte 24k gold, white rhodium plate finishes, and optional combinations of textures and colors.

Available in 24K Gold or White Rhodium (looks like silver) finishes.

Special Textures are also available
Gold Plus – Sandblasted Matte and Bright Combo
White Rhodium Plus – Sandblasted Matte and Bright Combo

Oleg Contempo Vector Alto Sax Mouthpieces

Oleg Contempo Mouthpieces

Perfect for Jazz and Soloing, the Oleg Contempo Mouthpieces produce a huge, powerful, contemporary sound. Pop with a dazzlingly bright sound or a darker, seductive tone, the Contempo line is incredibly versatile. Famous jazz saxophonists Michael Lington and Mindi Abair have stunned audiences for years on the Oleg Contempo Alto Mouthpiece. Available for Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone.

Oleg Maestro Mouthpieces

The Oleg Maestro Mouthpiece line offers the most resonant, easy to play, in-tune sound possible, and is great for both jazz and orchestral music. Play with a beautiful, rich tone signature of the Oleg Optimized Acoustics method. Available for Tenor and Baritone Saxophone.

Handcrafted in USA

Custom made Oleg sax mouthpieces are manufactured at our facility in Los Angeles and available in Silver and Gold finishes for Soprano, Alto, Tenor, & Baritone Saxophones.

Oleg Contempo Alto Mouthpiece

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Oleg mouthpieces are designed for extra tonal expressiveness and ultimate sound power. Due to their timbral flexibility and quick, even response, Oleg mouthpieces perform excellently across a wide range of musical genres.

Oleg Mouthpiece Finishes (Mouthpiece Finish does not affect acoustic properties)

Reviewed by Downbeat Magazine

Published in the October 2018 Downbeat Magazine by Bruce Gibson

Oleg Contempo Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Powerful, Flexible Modern Sound

In designing its Contempo line, Oleg focused on producing a metal saxophone mouthpiece that would be well suited for jazz and soloing, with a big, powerful, contemporary sound. After play-testing a Contempo mouthpiece for alto saxophone in silver finish, outfitted with a matching silver “Olegature” ligature, I truly can say that Oleg has achieved that goal.

Getting started with the Contempo, I decided to go with the reeds that I normally use for alto: Vandoren Java Red Box, #2½ and #3. Right away, I felt relaxed and confident playing this setup on my vintage Selmer Mark VI alto. The Contempo showed its prowess with impressive strength when I was pushing the volume, and it screamed out altissimo-register notes not only easily, but in dramatic fashion. When seeking quieter, more subdued sounds, I reduced my airflow a bit, which brought out warm, responsive tones throughout all registers of the horn. Articulation was excellent, and the mouthpiece centered pitches well while allowing for expressive jazz inflections like bends and scoops when desired. The provided “Olegature” ligature paired so well with the mouthpiece on all reeds—including a synthetic alto reed I put on later—that I saw no reason to try other ligatures.

Having completed the get-acquainted portion of my testing, I put the Contempo mouthpiece and Olegature in my alto case and headed to a big band gig to see how well they would fare in a live performance setting—one where I would play lead alto all night and take plenty of solos. My confidence in the setup was confirmed multiple times throughout the course of the gig.

Tone quality and intonation were impressive. I could blend nicely in unisons and tastefully support the softer ensemble passages. Power was immediately available when called upon during fortissimo sections and saxophone soli passages. The Contempo projected wonderfully during solo spots—so well, in fact, that I felt completely comfortable blowing extended improvisations and playing lead-alto features without a microphone.

The Contempo alto saxophone mouthpiece is available in three tip openings: 6, 7 and 8. Both the mouthpiece and Olegature come in a choice of silver or gold finish. (The choice of finish does not affect the acoustic properties of the mouthpieces, according to Oleg). They are available for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones.

The Contempo mouthpiece is flexible and powerful enough to meet the demands of all kinds of contemporary music, and should prove highly effective in straightahead jazz, smooth jazz, rock and r&b environments.

- Bruce Gibson, Downbeat Magazine

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