Oleg Contempo Hard Rubber Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

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Wow! Like a "Meyer Mouthpiece on Steroids". - Mate Carich

Our Contempo alto metal mouthpieces just got a new hard rubber version. Our design mantra has always been: lightning response, free blowing, powerful projection, pitch stability, tonal flexibility, evenness and ease of playing.

Judging by player’s responses to the new hard rubber models, we succeeded in achieving that goal.

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Oleg Contempo Alto Saxophone Hard Rubber Mouthpieces are especially designed for the discriminating musician who demands evenness of tone, quick response, a full dynamic range and quality craftsmanship.

Most alto sax mouthpieces have a narrow "sweet spot" which doesn't allow much tonal flexibility and dynamic range, especially in the high register. Oleg Contempo Alto Saxophone Hard Rubber Mouthpieces are designed to play in tune with a full resonant tone while accommodating the wide range of different embouchures. These sax mouthpieces are immediately comfortable and require virtually no break-in time.

Oleg Contempo Mouthpiece Line

Perfect for Jazz and Soloing, the Oleg Contempo Saxophone Mouthpieces produce a huge, powerful, contemporary sound. Pop with a dazzlingly bright sound or a darker, seductive tone, the Contempo line is incredibly versatile. Famous jazz saxophonists Michael Lington and Mindi Abair have stunned audiences for years on the Oleg Contempo Alto Mouthpiece.

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