Oleg Professional Baritone Sax Neck


Oleg Professional Baritone Sax Neck BARI NECK

Oleg Saxophone Necks are deigned to eliminate all traditional acoustical problems with the saxophone, such as uneven pitch on the extreme upper and lower registers. Endorsed by countless world-famous saxophonists, each neck is meticulously hand-crafted using the Oleg Optimized Acoustics Method to produce a rich and powerful sound with perfect intonation. Email us for any desired custom finishes or engraving.

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Custom Finish for Saxophone Neck Pipe: Silver, Black Nickel, or Other. Does not include price for custom octave key finish. Contact Us

$700 In stock
Brand / Socket Diameter Yamaha, Selmer, & Keilworth & Other Comparable Brands : 22.35mm Socket Diameter (0) Other Brands: 21.00mm Socket Diameter (0) Other Brands: 21.50mm Socket Diameter (0)
Finish Type 24K Gold Plated (0) Silver Plated (0)