Oleg Artists Speak Out

George Coleman

Oleg Equipment:
Oleg Alto and Tenor Sax Necks, Olegature


What they Say:

“I’ve really been very pleased with the improvement of sound from what I have been currently playing. The Oleg necks works very well for the Mark VI Tenor and I do recommend that people try these products.”
– George Coleman

Mark Fox

Oleg Equipment:
Oleg Maestro Tenor Sax, Oleg Tenor Neck, Olegature, Contempo Tenor Mouthpiece


Oleg Artist Mark FoxMark Fox, tenor & soprano saxophone, flute, bass clarinet and kamal/donso ngoni (Malian harp) player, bandleader, composer/songwriter and recording artist, as well as artistic director has participated for over 25 years professionally in the international music and entertainment industry. Read More

What They Are Saying
“Oleg’s products have completely transformed not only my playing but my sound as well. When I moved from a standard ligature to the Olegature, there was an immediate and noticeable resonance and brilliance shift in my sound, as well as the ability to subtly color my sound based on how the ligature is adjusted on the mouthpiece.

When I tried Oleg’s tenor neck on my factory silver Selmer Mark VI, the entire horn was transformed. Responsiveness, intonation and resonance all opened up on the horn, as well as the freedom and ability to flow into the altissimo registers. Oleg’s hard rubber “Contempo” tenor mouthpiece, which I was one of the first artists to play it, again completely opened up new dimensions on my horn and in my playing. The ease of response, available colors and textures, and extensively broad dynamic range is just wonderful. Finally, and probably most significantly, I recently received Oleg’s masterpiece of a tenor saxophone, which he made for me in a matte silver plating with polished engraving and key-work. This is the most incredible saxophone I’ve EVER played. Oleg’s genius in acoustics shine in all his products, but with the saxophone, it’s profound. Beyond being a work of art itself as a saxophone, the intonation, not only of the sounding notes, but the passive harmonics within each note is the best I’ve ever played. It’s even resonance, dynamics, even intonation throughout the range of the horn and way into the altissimo registers, and color are unparalleled to anything I’ve ever played.” – Mark Fox

Alessandro Bertozzi

Oleg Equipment:


High voltage : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvRwq8ub5Q8
Slow n°5 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgaRLEqqmeg
Blues for strings : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pVfgVo5YZs

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/AleBertozziProject/

What They Say
“con Olegature sono riuscito ad avere un bilanciamento migliore tra basso e alto registro, a livello di vibrazione dell’ancia. Ma soprattutto la cosa che mi piace di piu’è che il suono adesso ha molto piu’attacco !”

“With the Olegature I managed to have a better balance between low and high register, at the level of vibration of the reed. But above all, the thing I like the most is that the sound now has much more attack! “
– Alessandro Bertozzi


Oleg Saxophone Artist Alessandro BertozzAlessandro Bertozzi è un artista completo e poliedrico che può vantare collaborazioni prestigiose con artisti internazionali. Con il suo sax e la sua sonorità jazz/funky ha collaborato e duettato nel corso della sua carriera con grandissimi nomi, da John Patitucci a Randy Brecker, da Bob James a Hiram Bullock. Proprio insieme a quest’ultimo, scomparso nel 2008, ha calcato i palchi del Blue Note di Milano e di New York.

Prima di “Into The Strings” Alessandro Bertozzi ha pubblicato con l’etichetta discografica Level49 Big City Dreamers (1998) – Talkin’back (2003) – Crystals (2010) – Contralto (2014) – Funky Party (2017).

Alessandro Bertozzi is a complete and multifaceted artist who can boast prestigious collaborations with international artists. With his sax and his jazz / funky sound he has collaborated and dueled throughout his career with great names, from John Patitucci to Randy Brecker, from Bob James to Hiram Bullock. Right along with the latter, who died in 2008, he took the stages of the Blue Note in Milan and New York.

Before “Into The Strings” Alessandro Bertozzi has published on the record label Level49 Big City Dreamers (1998) – Talkin’back (2003) – Crystals (2010) – Contralto (2014) – Funky Party (2017).

Jimmy Bowland
Nashville Recording Artist, Educator

Oleg Equiipment:
Oleg Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxophones
Oleg Mouthpieces, Oleg Saxophone Necks, Olegature


What they Are Saying:

“Oleg’s horns are simply the best I’ve ever played. The tone, pitch, response and ultimately the blend with other instrumentalists they allow me is unprecedented. The beauty of them is that the “sweet spot” of each note is exactly the pitch center as well. In other words, the horn “slots” perfectly and also has the same overtone signature and presence/color in every register and every dynamic. This allows me to decide exactly how bright or dark I want the horn to be based on my mouthpiece setup, embouchure or whim! Most importantly though, because of all these factors, I am free to express musical ideas freely and fluently. These horns are a joy to play.” – Jimmy Bowland

Daniel Morera
Saxofonista-Orquesta Filarmónica de Costa Rica

Oleg Equiipment:
Olegature (Oleg Ligature)



Oleg Products Artist Daniel Morera  playing on OlegatureDaniel Morera is one of the most outstanding saxophone players of the music scene in Costa Rica. He has been a successful musician in very different fields, going from classical to pop and jazz with well renowned musical groups and as a solo artist. He started as an adolescent playing the Baroque recorder as an introduction to his training as a saxophone player, by this time, he had already defined his vision as a serious musician. Since 2014, he has been playing with the Philharmonic Orquestra of Costa Rica, many times as a soloist. In the full seasons he has performed with this organization, he has shared the stage with well renowned artists both in the Costa Rican and international scene.

In the national scene, he has played with artists such as Escats, Marta Fonseca, Adrian Goizueta, Sasha Campbell, DaniloMontero, Humberto Vargas, Charlene Stewart, and Arnoldo Castillo amongst others, He has also been an opening act for international performers such as Juan Luis Guerra, Franco De Vita, Alejandro Sanz, Michael Bolton, Alexander Acha, Antonio Orozco, Alux Nahual.

His preparation, focus, and dedication, have allowed him to perform on the most important stages and venues in Costa Rica, such as Teatro Nacional, Parque Viva auditorium, and Teatro Popular MelicoSalazar. In this last one, he has performed several full seasons with the Philharmonic Orquestra of Costa Rica. Saxophonist Daniel Morera is a Music Major with an emphasis in teaching and
execution of the saxophone from Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica. He has also been part of Master classes with Eric Marietnhal, Bob Franceschini, Alex Terrier ,and César López.

As a teacher, he has been an instructor for the National System of Musical Education, part of the Ministry of Culture since 2009 until today. Currently, Daniel is recording his first solo album.