Jimmy Bowland

Nashville Recording Artist, Educator

Oleg Equiipment:
Oleg Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxophones
Oleg Mouthpieces, Oleg Saxophone Necks, Olegature


What they Are Saying:

“Oleg’s horns are simply the best I’ve ever played. The tone, pitch, response and ultimately the blend with other instrumentalists they allow me is unprecedented. The beauty of them is that the “sweet spot” of each note is exactly the pitch center as well. In other words, the horn “slots” perfectly and also has the same overtone signature and presence/color in every register and every dynamic. This allows me to decide exactly how bright or dark I want the horn to be based on my mouthpiece setup, embouchure or whim! Most importantly though, because of all these factors, I am free to express musical ideas freely and fluently. These horns are a joy to play.” – Jimmy Bowland