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New : Oleg Contempo Vector Alto Sax Mouthpiece

We are introducing a new addition to the Oleg line of saxophone mouthpieces: the Contempo Vector metal alto mouthpiece. This newborn alto piece lives up to its Vector name with powerful, direct, yet easy controlled sound projection. At the same time, it maintains an Oleg legendary sound response and superb pitch stability and definition. While sustaining all of the advanced features of the Oleg design concept, the Contempo Vector alto mouthpiece adds a little more zing to the sound so much coveted by the contemporary smooth jazz artists.

The Contempo Vector is available in high luster and matte 24k gold, white rhodium plate finishes, and optional combinations of textures and colors.

Available in 24K Gold or White Rhodium (looks like silver) finishes.

Special Textures are also available
Gold Plus – Sandblasted Matte and Bright Combo
White Rhodium Plus – Sandblasted Matte and Bright Combo

Oleg Contempo Vector Alto Sax Mouthpieces

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George Coleman

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