Daniel Morera

Saxofonista-Orquesta Filarmónica de Costa Rica

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Oleg Products Artist Daniel Morera playing on OlegatureDaniel Morera is one of the most outstanding saxophone players of the music scene in Costa Rica. He has been a successful musician in very different fields, going from classical to pop and jazz with well renowned musical groups and as a solo artist. He started as an adolescent playing the Baroque recorder as an introduction to his training as a saxophone player, by this time, he had already defined his vision as a serious musician. Since 2014, he has been playing with the Philharmonic Orquestra of Costa Rica, many times as a soloist. In the full seasons he has performed with this organization, he has shared the stage with well renowned artists both in the Costa Rican and international scene.

In the national scene, he has played with artists such as Escats, Marta Fonseca, Adrian Goizueta, Sasha Campbell, DaniloMontero, Humberto Vargas, Charlene Stewart, and Arnoldo Castillo amongst others, He has also been an opening act for international performers such as Juan Luis Guerra, Franco De Vita, Alejandro Sanz, Michael Bolton, Alexander Acha, Antonio Orozco, Alux Nahual.

His preparation, focus, and dedication, have allowed him to perform on the most important stages and venues in Costa Rica, such as Teatro Nacional, Parque Viva auditorium, and Teatro Popular MelicoSalazar. In this last one, he has performed several full seasons with the Philharmonic Orquestra of Costa Rica. Saxophonist Daniel Morera is a Music Major with an emphasis in teaching and
execution of the saxophone from Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica. He has also been part of Master classes with Eric Marietnhal, Bob Franceschini, Alex Terrier ,and César López.

As a teacher, he has been an instructor for the National System of Musical Education, part of the Ministry of Culture since 2009 until today. Currently, Daniel is recording his first solo album.