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Audio Research for Today’s Saxophonist
Audio research tools similar to this blind audio test are used in designing our instruments. Thank you for your participation in the test which is important to us for continued product development.

About the Sound Samples:
This samplings are played by a current University of Southern California professor who used the same mouthpiece, reed and ligature for each sampling. Recording conditions were identical for each sampling. Each recording was made without the use of an equalizer. Although the player was aware of the make of sax he was playing, he had no prior experience with the models he was testing except his own Selmer Mark VI.

The Instruments:
Each audio sample is either a Selmer MK VI (early vintage) Alto, a Yamaha Custom Alto with an Oleg Neck or an Oleg Maestro Alto Saxophone. Listen to each audio sample and then vote for your favorite sound. After voting the brand of your favorite sound will be revealed along with the total voting results.