Clarinet Olegatures (Ligatures)

The Olegature has done more for clarinet acoustics than all the advances to clarinet design in the last 100 years. – Oleg

Many musicians believe the Olegature is the best improvement to saxophone and clarinet acoustics in since 1725. And now spectrum analysis proves why. You can expect a bigger, fuller and richer tone, wider dynamics, better projection, improved response and sound with amazing pitch stability through all registers, especially noticeable in the altissimo register.

Ordering an Olegature

You can place an order for an Olegature here on the website. Alternatively, feel free to order by calling us at 818.904.0030 or shoot us a message. Please remember to specify what mouthpiece you are using and whether you so that we may select the correct ligature size for you.

If you're ordering from an Oleg dealer, you can determine which Olegature model will fit your mouthpiece using the Olegature Sizing Chart. If you don't see your mouthpiece model listed, we are happy to make a custom-fit ligature for you. Check out the Olegature Custom Sizing Instructions for more information.

Lost your Olegature Screw or Anti-Slip Grip?

No problem. We can send you a new one. Check out our webstore using the links below.
Order a replacement Olegature Screw
Order a replacement Olegature Anti-Slip Grip