About Oleg Ergonomic Sax Straps

Oleg Ergonomic Saxophone Straps were the first on the market to introduce ergonomic research to the sax strap world. Specially designed to protect the bones, muscles, and nerves in the neck, Oleg Straps offer significant benefits to your neck's health as well as maximum comfort. These straps sit two inches lower on the neck, allowing for the weight to rest at a much more comfortable, natural position. Oleg Ergonomic Sax Straps are highly recommended to alleviate pressure, relieve tension, and prevent future neck damage.

Our designer metal slider works without any mechanical clips, springs, or levers, and instead uses a sophisticated knot system to ensure secure positioning with zero risk of slipping. The strap-ring clip is made of ultra-strong, heavy-duty plastic and has proven to withstand 60+ pounds of sustained force while simultaneously protecting your instrument from scuffs and scratches. All our straps are made with the 100% genuine American leather and are built to last.