F-Fork Extension


F-Fork Extension FFEX
Oleg Saxophone Enhancers improve the ergonomics and ease of playing for most vintage and contemporary saxophones. These jewelry-quality enhancers are easily clipped on or attached with screws.
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F Fork Extension Model Model #101 (For vinage Selmer saxes witht a pearl-button F-Fork Key - Alto) (0) Model #102 (For vintage Selmer saxes with a pearl-button F-Fork Key. Tenor/Bari) (0) Model #114 (For saxes with irregular/vintage F-Fork Key. Tenor) (0) Model #115 Contemporary: For saxes with metal teardrop F key. Alto) (0)
Enhancer Finish Gold Finish (no additional cost) (0) Silver Finish (30) Antique Finish (30) Solid Sterling Silver (130)