High E Stopper


High E Stopper 103

Oleg Saxophone Enhancers improve the ergonomics and ease of playing for most professional vintage and contemporary saxophones. These jewelry-quality enhancers are easily clipped on or attached with screws and wrench (included).

The High E Stopper saxophone enhancer is designed to improve the ergonomics and stabilize the High E side key. This enhancer changes the shape of the High E from flat to curved, which allows the player to automatically feel where the key is instead of having to guess blindly.

Designed to fit all makes & models of alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones. Most commonly used on Selmer MKVI.

$70 In stock
Enhancer Finish Gold Finish (no additional cost) (0) White Rhodium (30) Antique Brass (30) Solid Sterling Silver (130)